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Default will 12v 15A kill my power panel?

Just like the title says...

Over the holiday break i picked up a tackle box that was big enough that if done right i could make my toolbox and field box one. Anyway halfway though it, something dawned on me and i need to see if this will be back and i should scrap this idea or not. What my original intent was to do is run two 12v 7.5amp lead battery packs like "we all have" and run them in parallel so its still 12v but it doubles the amperage and therefore should in last longer... I make the dual pack and wired it very well, its all done and its a nice secure and well protected little design.

The problem that i just realized i might run into is with my power panel, which happens to be a Hobbico Accu-Glo MKII ... its the nice one from Tower thats like $30.. it has a place for adjusting glow heat, charging glow starter, fuel pump (fill/empty), and a starter jack. The thing that caught my attention as i was mounting it in my box was the fuse right on the front of it that says 7.5A Could i just change that to a 15 or 16A fuse and it still work, or would the internal workings/wiring of my power panel melt and things like charging my glow starter running my starter or fuel pump be thrown off? Ohh and what about running my triton peak battery charger on the dual battery setup i have? would it hurt anything?

If anyone could give me their thoughts on this that would be great because i thought i had a great idea and a fun project, but now i think I may have to just settle for one battery