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Default RE: will 12v 15A kill my power panel?


Keep the original fuse in the panel, you are asking for trouble if you increase it. It doesnt matter if you have 7, 15 or 1000 amphr attached, the system will only draw what it needs. Even with one 12 volt 7.5 amphour battery there is more than enough potential to blow the fuse, especially if something were to short out.

As far as charging, a gel cell needs to charge via consant voltage not constant current. I would read the manual on your charger to see if will charge gel cells.

I use one 7.5 amp hour battery and never have any loss of power even on a busy day at the field. I also use a home built constant voltage charger which is plugged into my battery 24x7 so I always have peak power. costs about $20 and an hour to make.