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Default RE: will 12v 15A kill my power panel?

this is a picture of how i have the battery wired, im pretty sure its 12v, what do you guys think?

Thats good to know that it wont hurt it if u run the duel-batteries.. now thinking back i just wanted more power, but i wonder if i can do away with the extra one and it will just cause me less problems (ohh and space ) Im sure it will easily last me a busy weekend at the field, but they do start to go when doing alot of charging/discharging with the triton among other things...

what would your suggestions be. this link is a link to my tackle box that im using. My goal was to use the top right container area to store the field stuff (starter, fuel pump, etc) and then below it i have a little more room than i need to have those dual batteries in it, in the top of the box when you open the lid i was gonna have the panel at a slight angle (make a wood mount and fuel proof it) right in the back center of the box, then I would have a couple holes to route the wire down to where it needed to be.. the rest of the drawers and top left area should be enough for my stuff.. opinions?


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