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Default Volt,Amp,Watt,RPM,Windings......

Try these two threads to see if they answer your question about windings.
If I didn't make a typo the URL's should work.
Yes, # of windings are a factor of motor input/output. The windings will determine current draw and power consumption. True, windings are usually not mentioned for electric motors used with rc airplanes as much as they are for rc electric cars. Airplane motors specs usually cut to the chase and are specified as to current draw, voltage, torque, physical size, etc. If you go to the "Kmeyers" site I gave you, you can find a good list of various motors with these specs. You may also find the info by doing a "search" at the 'power systems' site in Ezone. The URL's I gave were from a search I had made by entering "electric motor windings".

Oops, made a typo but should be corrected now.