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Default RE: I want to learn some stunts

Just found this one...
The Lomcevak is a freestyle family of maneuvres performed at airshows or in four minute frees. It is not in the Aresti catalogue and therefore may not be flown in competition.

The maneuvre consists of tumbling the airplane through the pitch axis (end to end) while it travels in a lateral direction (wingtip to wingtip).

[edit] Flying technique
Flying a Lomcevak will vary in technique from aeroplane to aeroplane and pilot to pilot. This is probably the most common technique described for a clockwise rotating engine.

Pitch up to the 45, simultaneously roll to the left with aileron and kick in full left rudder, then shove the stick full forward. The aeroplane should do about two full rotations before running out of energy. Neutralise all controls and the aircraft will recover with the nose down. Fly out of it and correct accordingly. It may be necessary to reduce the power when recovering in certain instances.
This is generally the same technique used for a knife edge spin (up or down).

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Since our engines rotate counter clockwise, the inputs haved to be reversed I suppose... I have seen this one done, and it looks pretty cool... Now to find the flat spin...