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Default RE: I want to learn some stunts

Real airplanes have 2 wings and round engines. lol Im a biplane freak ! My friend Greg can knife edge my Super Stearman and gain altitude easily while doing so. I just never tried it before until tonight on the sim. He can do outside loops with it good too. Im ready for the knife edge and inverted flight now, but that will get boreing fast im sure. I've been practicing tail slides, but im not too good at them yet. My favorite pilot is Sean Tucker who fly's the Red Pitts. My next plane will definently be a Pitts. My newest plane is a Cessna 182 that I put a saito 56 on, but it's just a cruiser, and it is sooooooooooo boreing compared to the Stearman. I don't think the Cessna has enough power or rudder to even do a knife edge, but i'll certainly give it a few tries. I've had a few low and mid wing planes, but I get bored with them fast. The Giles 202 would have been cool because of the size, but without a gas engine, there's no way I would have been able to afford to fly the thing. It would have been too stable to be fun for me too. One of the things I really like about biplanes is that when ya back the throttle off, they almost stop from all the wing drag, and will land pretty slowly, I like that alot. Of course steering them after landing can be a bit tricky, but thats what im used to... On the ground, the Cessna is like an RC Car, and I find that kinda boreing too now. Biplanes rock ! ! !