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Default RE: I want to learn some stunts

G'day Dennis,
My Giles 202 has an OS 160FX, swinging an APC 17x10 prop, not a "gas" engine.
You won't get bored with anything like the Giles, Extra or Edge, trimmed properly & powered Properly. And they can be landed at just over walking pace, if trimmed correctly, ie. not nose heavy.
Dennis, try flying inverted cuban 8's, or inverted flat figure 8's, & maintain altitude, don't climb or dive all the way around, & see if you find it boring, & I'm not talking about a simulator.
Precision aerobatics are the hardest to fly properly, & you must centre all the manouvers in front of you. In fact I'm willing to bet that you can't fly a loop accurately, meaning perfectly round, starting & finishing dead level, & at the same altitude.
I'm not having a go at you, but even a "simple" loop is a very hard manouver to fly PROPERLY.