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Default RE: I want to learn some stunts

Greg did a flatspin one day with his Stearman, but he couldn't pull out of it for some reason, and went splat. I think he holds them way too long anyway. Like the guys who try to get as close to the runway as they can, doing an inverted pass. Thats asking for trouble. lol I like to do all my crazy stuff high up where there's nothing to hit, like the ground. lol It's supposed to be nice friday, so maybe i'll get a chance to practice some knife edges and some inverted flight. I gotta try a few of them lomcevaks too ! Greg does them all the time, and they look real slick. I gotta get that one down for sure. Something tells me im going to be doin alot of loops now too Alan, you really got me thinking about that now. lol