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Default RE: Midwest Extra 300 Questions

The flaps on your's was an unnecessary mod. The plane will land slow and stable without them. Mine is now traded off, but the first time I traded for it, it had a heavy 50cc conversion. More than enough power to be flown as a normal plane but flew heavy, yet stable. The best non coupling knife edge until my 70 Katana. The next owner flew it with a ST 2300. My second time with it, I put on a ST 3000. This time it was so agile with little loss on power. The 3W will make it a missle and it's not that much of a 3D machine with the small control surfaces.
I don't recall the cg location. You need to do a search on here for all the replies in the past 3 or 4 years.
1/2" low on ailerons and 3/4" high
elevator 1" low, 1 1/2" high
rudder - all you can get.