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Default RE: Stock Zen G-26M with a WT-275 big bor carb

some people believe the more oil you can run without fouling the plug, the more power you will make. Who knows... i broke in and ran my stocker with 10oz/1gal of Homelite synthetic and it ran pretty good (15,900+rpm with 257 carb).

2-1/4 to 2-1/2 on the low and 1 on the high is a good starting point. Whatever settings you use, run the boat hard for a couple laps and bring it in and look at the plug and make your adjustments from there.

and for your question...the needle settings are for setting fuel 'flow' through the carb. They set how lean or rich the motor runs at low and high rpm/throttle. You want to keep a good transition from low to high so the motor doesnt 'stumble' when you stab the gas, thus the reason for testing and needle tweaking.