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Default RE: *1800 mAH Battery In Cold Storage*

Jez, are you guys on some sort of conservation jive.
New batteries every season, period..
If you're flying a a warm climate that supports 12 month of airborn fun (lucky *******s) you should be change em 2 times.
They cost next to nothing, why fiddle around and play guessing games?
Or even develop an ego..."Ohhh I got 1000 cycles from my packs and they're just fine. Believe me, they exist.
Bin them. buy new and get some sleep.

Same with glow plugs. I put in a new one basically every session. say every gallon. (Thats correct every gallonish)
Engine failure due to a glow plug. Never, ever has that happen.
Bearing replaced every season as well. Whay wait and ask questions "how do I know when my bearing need replacing?"
Well, you can wait until you hear a real nice crunching sound when turn over the engine or just replace them while you don't.
It's the same with the batteries chaps... you can wait for the inevitable crash... or spend a few bucks.