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Default RE: Masking off Dope


How long should I wait before I mask, between different colours of dope. I am currently using buterate colours, and I am wondering when it is safe to proceed with my next colour.

>To be safe, I suggest 24 hours for the dope to dry adequately for masking. I
>VERY STRONGLY suggest useing 3M "60 Day Safe Release" masking tape. This
>tape is blue in color, has a paper appearance and if you look at the side of the
>wrapper you will see an "adhesive rateing". You want a "2dot" adhesive rateing.
>My exparience has shown this particular tape adheres reasonabley well, yet will
>NORMALLY not pull up fresh paint underneath it.

Also I have heard, or read somewhere that after it is masked, I should go over the masking edge with clear just to seal the tape and prevent bleeding? If this is the case do I need to spray that, or is brushing good enough.

>You can use clear, or (my preference) is the color that is under the tape. The
>purpose of this is to prevent "bleed under". To spray or to brush - How did you
>apply the initial coat(s) of dope and how large an area will you painting ? If you
>want a top quality job you need to spray the paint unless you are doing some
>very fine detail painting. The brush strokes WILL show on the final product
>99.9% of the time, especially on large areas.

Last question, how long can I leave the masking on before I actually spray, and how long should I leave the masking on, after spraying.

>I try not to have the tape on the plane for more than 3 hours before painting
>and I remove the tape as soon as the paint is "DRY TO THE TOUCH". You need
>to be careful when removing the tape. The paint forms a skin that is dry to the
>touch, HOWEVER anything beyond a very light pressure on the paint can leave
>a mark. Ideally, you want to remove the tape before the paint has completely