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Default RE: 1/8 scale TopFlite Corsair Mods

ORIGINAL: scaleflyer61
Hello everyone, This question may seem kinda dumb but i've just started my GE corsair and i'd just like to ask, is all this right thrust that is shown on the plan really necessary? I plan to shorten the fuse 1/4 of an inch like corsairjock said an to run a sato 4 stroke on it. I mean the real aircraft did'nt have any right thrust right? Also is the horizontal stab. and elevators correct in outline? After all the rudder, wingtips and nose need attention. I plan to use 1/4 light balsa on all the tail surfaces to get the airfoil section correct. I did'nt mean for this to be lenthy but any help would be very apreciated Thanks.
Good question(s). I do not build all of the right thrust into mine. I build a slight amount, maybe 1 deg, but I DO like a little down thrust (maybe 2 deg at the most) IF the wing incidence is as per plans. It should be noted hower: the full scales DID have an offset built into the vertical fin (as did some other fighters of the day) to help counter torque effects. And, you should be proficient with rudder usage if you plan on getting rid of some of the right thrust offset. But it's really a good flier even if you eliminate the offset.

I haven't studied the scale drawings recently, but as I remember: the stab and elevators are fairly close in scale outline, or at least close enough for me. The rudder and the wingtips however are very noticeably incorrect, to anyone who has seen a few full scales.