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Default RE: BTA-06 autopilot experience, anyone?

Dans rite but...
If you are setting up a large plane as a UAV or a camera platform the BTA - 6 is your best bet. The FMA unit is fine for flying a small electric on a sunny day but just try using it on a cloudy or overcast day if you want to get bit. We have used the BTA – 6 and 7 for the last 5 years. When you have it Trimmed in, Both units will hold the plane at any altitude above 500ft very well and can be used in winds up to 70 miles per hour ( if you plane has the power and size to handle the wind)
You will need a PCM receiver and or a Single rc channel fail safe. With the BTA - 6 setup and turned on you will only need to use you rutter stick to turn the plane as you go over the area you are flying. (Note that with the controls on your plane will be very sluggish using the transmitter sticks) It is like the plane is on rails and is stable as a rock.
let me know if you need any more information on this.