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Default RE: *1800 mAH Battery In Cold Storage*


If you say your changing glow plugs every gallon of fuel there is definately something wrong with your procedures or your thinking. I fly nothing but 4 strokes and use OS F plugs. That means I would spend $10.00 for every $20.00 worth of fuel [X(]. My glow plugs last at least 100 flights and in some cases 150 flights. Never lost a plane in 25 years due to bad glow plugs or bad batteries. Just stupidity
Ha... this is Norway, a Gallon of CoolPower 30 cost me more like $40!
Plugs, sure I've has them last a long long time... I just don't think about it any more. Just change it what I arrive and set up.
Batteries, same thing. Why fly a $3000 plane when you're asking questions about a $20 battery?
I don't... but I'm sure there are those that do and good luck to them.

This is cold weather fly country.
Cold and batteries isn't good, you learn that from experience.
Like real cold (-10 and below) and 5 cell packs... they can cause glitches.
4 cell packs are far less prone to that in extreme cold.
Now idea way. You tell me.