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Default RE: Midwest Extra 300 Questions

Hey Newc,

What aer the torque values for the Hitec 615MG's? I'm a Futaba man myself so I am not familiar with the Hitec's. Currently the plane has FUtaba 9202's on the elevators which are metal gear with a coreless motor rated for +/- 90oz of torque, The runner servo is rated for +/- 150oz of torque and the ailerons and flap servo's are all rated for 115 oz of torque. The on;y servo I at all concerned about is the rudder servo, but the plane has been flying with it so I am probably going to leave it in for the time being.

By the way, your PBN Nomad looks AWESOME, You've got to let me know how it flies.

Fly safe and have fun!!!