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Default Carden 35% Edge 540 Building question

Any help from you guy's would be appreciated...

Let me start off first by saying this is my first large scale project. I am building a Carden 35% Edge 540 and plan on putting a DA 100 in front. I have completed the motor box and Truss sides and am ready to glue them together. FYI... I have been reading Steve and Bob's project review on the web.

My questions is: Before I start to glue the fuse together do I need to do anything else first.

I don't have the motor yet so I have NOT drilled any holes in the firewall. Can I do that later?
I would like to set it up for smoke, do I have to make any mods prior to gluing the box to the truss sides?
Do I need to put any supports in the motor box?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks, Steve