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Default RE: AX 55 output ps vs. bhp

ORIGINAL: michael huber
On the ax 55 they (OS) use the ancrnem "ps" instead of bhp. Does anyone know what "PS" stands for, and is there a formula to translate ps to bhp? And if so what is it. Thanks
It's a worldwide standard originating in Germany known as Pferde Starke, conventionally contracted to PS. It's in common use worldwide in countries where the metric standard predominates. ie: The world outside the USA. The arithmetical relationship to HP is so close, for all practical usage at the minuscule figures we're talking with our model engines, you can treat PS effectively as the close approximate equivalent HP. eg: 100PS = 98.6HP, or taking the example of an O.S. 46AX , 1.65PS = 1.627HP which when rounded up to 2 figures, becomes 1.63HP.

To convert PS to HP, multiply by 0.9863

Edit: Inserted actual conversion multiplier.