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Default Outrunner Problems

I have 2 Outrunner 450's, one I had to resolder the wires to the windings, still as of yet to replace the bearings which are toast, when I try to power it up, it's just not kicking in gear properly and is stuttering when I hit it with juice. The second one, similar to the first, when I power it up, it doesn't kick in until I get some momemtum or power it up very gradually, ie. tap the prop to get it spinning a little before powering it up. What's disturbing, both of these are less then a year old and I'm not able to fly all day every day like alot of people since the opportunity doesn't exist for me weather wise. Are these things this prone to malfunction, or should I be going with a different manufacturer. I'm not going to play the rewind/rebuild game with them, just if I'm shelling out the big bucks for motors, I'd like to get a little more life out of them then a few months, these are the first 2 brushless motors I've purchased, have 2 esc's different manufacturers and 2, 3 cell lipo's, again, different manufacturers, and of course, seperate RX's as well, so can't blame any of them and it's the motor that's the root of the problem.

I suspect it's poor bearing tech, but any other thing I need to look out for, let me know.