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Default RE: 2 battery setup on receiver ????

Monstertruckman, Just simply plugging a second pack into any open port on the receiver is not the recommended method. If one of the packs is failing due to a bad cell or short curcuit .... it will probably drain the other pack down with it. I use the Jomar-EMS Ultimate battery backer in most airplanes. Both packs are plugged into it and it has electronics in it to prevent the draining of the second pack I described above. It is not expensive .... and provides the true power redundency you want. Personally, in an aircraft as great (and not to mention all the work involved in building it) as a Ziroli DC3, you may want to consider Duralites. You could use 2 seperate batteries, each with their own switch harness (which has its own built in voltage regulator). Bob