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I just plugged in one of my old 9.6, 650 mah nimh batteries, same problem, battery isn't the issue, the eflight 9/6 prop has no relavence since it's the exact middle of the chart per the eflight outrunner 450 specs and it's literally starting up so there is no torque/inertia invloved where the prop would have any bearing on it's effect, since even removing it, it does the same thing. Both speed controllers are completely different makes and manufacturers and both are giving me the same results. Everything worked originally, but I gotta add, I have wrecked planes with them so they did take some abuse, so going to leave it as either shorting and likely, cheap junk, just at 65.00 a pop, I was expecting a little more durability. What brushless motors do you use, and what are the most durable ones on the market?