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Default RE: Outrunner Problems

I have used Axi, MP Jet, E-flite and Nippy Black motors with great sucess. The MP Jets have been the most durable, surviving many many crashes without damage. I have one that is on its 4th airframe. I know I am pushing it to the limit with my prop and battery combination. But, it has never missed a beat. Simply, the best!
The Axi is a great motor. But, I have crashed them a few times, usually resulting in a bent shaft.
The same goes for the E-flite motors I have used.
The Nippys have the best warranty. 1 year un-conditional. If it breaks, they'll fix or replace it free! The second year is pro-rated.
I have one on an E-flite Mini Funtana. It is very powerful. But, it has never been crashed. I don't think it would get damaged unless it was dove straight into concrete!

You have to be careful with the battery/prop combination. Too low of voltage (2 cell pack) can overheat a motor designed for a 3 cell pack. The same goes for a motor designed for a 2 cell pack. If you run a 3 cell pack, the high voltage can damage the windings. I have not fried any out-runners. But, i have fried several in-runners.
Oh well! You gotta learn what works and what doesn't some how!