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Default RE: Remote glo plug-how to make?

get a strip of 1/32 brass about 1 inch long and 1/4 in wide.
drill a hole, about the same diameter (or slightly smaller) of the glow plug pin, at about 1/8 inch in from one end. then make a cut from that end thru the hole about 3/4 in.
drill a hole at the other end to accept your wire. I used a piece of heat shrink to cover the wire and clip up to the plug hole.
slide the clip onto the glow plug by twisting the clip to spread the opening and untwist when the hole is aligned with the plug pin.
this is similar to the 1/2 A glow plug clips for the Cox engines.

Used this on my completely cowled inverted FS70 engine among others.

Made a drawing of this for someone a long time ago, but can't find the dwg.

hope the description helps.