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ORIGINAL: closetguy

any of you guy's running a canister or tune pipe on th 52, if so what rpm's are you getting.i just got mine from Bill with his pitts muffler, and by the way it looks to be one of the best built pitts i have seen.he told me that he will have pipes and canister and headers at Toledo show this year but didn't have them ready when i place the order.
thanks for any info.
I too am also curious on the cannister setup on one of these engines and if there would be any power gain at all. I love the sounds of a canned muffler anyways , and i think i am going to end up getting one of the new QQ yak 86" planes when they come out and it's set up for a single can install.

T-BOB have to done much testing on the cannister set up , and if so , do you have any numbers on PRM and such. I have made my ind up for sure and am going to get one of these T-52's , but am curious on the can set ups and how they can affect power............and would it be worth it to gain a slight amount of power but be a heck of a lot quiter than the pitts.