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Default RE: 10 ft PC6 Turbo Porter

Thank Simco, hope the repairs are going well on your Porter

Well since we been having a cold snap here Southern California, I've been whittleing away at the cowl and belly (at least the heater in my garage is still working).
Cowl is aligned via 4-40 steel rods and 1/8" brass tubing (tubing is epoxied into the firewall) 6-32 allen head screws are mounted to the cowl ring on 1/4" standoffs. I ground down the threads toward the head of the screws to make them a "captive" type. The standoff are drilled and tapped for 6-32 thread. This way I wont have to fumble around with the screws when I mount the cowl. I will need a 12" long allen driver to reach the screws though.
Added a 1/4" ply renforcing ring on the backside of the firewall for the enging mount because of the big hole I cut for the pipe tunnel.
Had to put all the fusalage pieces togather to see what it's looking like....wow is it nose heavy, I'm glad my stabilizer/elevator is alittle on the heavy side now.
Firewall forward with the Revolution 50 and mount. As you can see on the front end is the 5/8" prop hub spacer (guess I'll have to polish that thing, that green paint draws you right in)

Landing gear is as per Martin's updated plans for a strengthen platform area. Only addition is a 1/8' x 5/8' aluminium strap for the wing struts to mount to ( just a semi-scale addition - kinda like the full size Porter has).
Next on the fabrication list is the landing gear struts/shock absorbers.


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