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Default RE: Looking at a PT-20 for first plane

Trying to suggest where a 3-channel plane should go is more challenging, IMHO, than telling a 4-channel plane where to go.

Not if it's properly set up. The amount of dihedral makes a lot of difference in the handling with rudder or ailerons. More dihedral makes the rudder more effective and the ailerons less effective. That's why a lot of aileron trainers wallow and have adverse yaw in turns. I usually recommend a builder take half the dihedral out of an aileron trainer. They fly MUCH better that way. Rudder only with too much dihedral won't work, either. The rudder is TOO sensitive then. It will bank too much in the turn and force the beginner to input opposite rudder to correct.


PS All this is null and void in the case of my Dr.1. It has three perfectly flat wings and the rudder will make it turn on a dime. Go figure.