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Default RE: Looking at a PT-20 for first plane

It's easy to replace a trainer's wire gear with sheet aluminum gear. As already suggested, it will make ground handling easier and will still be springy enough for novice landings.

Leave the wire gear wood blocks out of the construction sequence. In place of that, install a 1/4" plywood plate the width of the fuselage and as wide as the gear you're planning to use. Install 1/2" tri stock along each side to reinforce it. Drill four 3/16" holes in the gear, near the edge dimensions of the block (about 1/4" away). Use this as a guide to mark and drill 4 #21 tap holes in the ply block. This is a .1580 drill. A 5/32" (.1562) drill can be substituted. Tap these holes with a 10-32 tap. Soak the holes with thin CA. Re-tap. Soak and re-tap again. The threads will never strip out. Use 10-32 x 1/2" pan or round head nylon screws to secure the gear. It takes less time to do it than to explain it.