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Default RE: Super Tigre 75 with a YS Carb

I wish I could help you here. But, I am not familiar with that particular carb. I have owned several YS's and still run YS's in my heli's. But, I have never seen the wheel that you mention. I have had a YS .45 and a YS .61 in planes. I currently fly a YS .61 an .80 and a .90 in my helis. Both of the plane engines only had a high end needle. The low end was set at the pump diaphram on the bottom of the engine! As a mtter of fact, I can't even imagine how you could mount a YS carb to a Supertiger. The YS bolts to the crankcase in completely different fasion than the Super Tiger! The wheel you are describing sounds like a Perry carb. Could you post a pic?