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Default RE: Colored Smoke on your Airplane??


The Blue Angels don't use smoke oil because they don't generate it that way. They use flare type of smoke cartrdiges. The RC version of this can be found here:
<How do you produce the smoke and why do you use it?
<The smoke is produced by pumping a biodegradable, paraffin-based oil directly into the exhaust nozzles of the aircraft where the oil is instantly vaporized into smoke. The smoke provides a traceable path for spectators to follow, so they can see the flight profile that has been flown. It also enhances safety of flight by providing a valuable means by which the solo pilots can see each other during opposing maneuvers and conditions of lowered visibility or haze. The smoke poses no hazard to the environment.

Official Blue Angels statement....i don't know where you get your info, but the utilisation of cartriges is pure BS.

Juvaknin, look over in the "Jets" section and do a search on colored smoke. There was a thread on there a while back explaining just how the full size do it. It has been done on model jets, but it was a huge mess (color stuck all over the aircraft and dyed your hands also).
I'm sure it would smoke colorful on a combustion engine as well, but the mess it makes would be even greater.....

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*edit* Concerning the MDW statement: You will only see colors of pre-mixed oils very slightly. An immense amount of color is needed if pre-mixed. The amount needed is drastically reduced if injected SEPERATELY. So basically generating white smoke with oil, and then coloring the smoke, rather than coloring the oil and then generating smoke.
See Red Arrows as a good example, you will notice 3 probes protruding into the jet stream. Center is for white base-smoke. Left and right are the red and blue color injectors: