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Thanks for the link, I shot them an e-mail asking if they can narrow band.

Why do I want to do this? Basically to save money. To attain the level of controls features for each of these radios I would have to spend at least three to four hundred dollars to replace them. The airtronics is a 7 channel and the Ace is an eight channel. Both have full mixing capability, dual rates, end point adjustments, exponential and linear capability and so forth. Each system also has 6 ball bearing high torque output servos and 4 standard servos. In their day they were high dollar radios. The Ace R/C radio is a custom built radio that was made by someone who was an Ace R/C distributor.

I am hoping that they can be narrow banded and the cost is reasonable. If it is I will send them away and then upgrade the batteries from Nicads to the new metal batteries.