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Default RE: KMP F-7F Tigercat

I am leaning toward going with the Zenoah 20ei's as well, however when I hear one running, it really had a chainsaw sound more than other I have heard. Of course it is not the sound but the performance that really matters. I just want to use the powerplant that will have the least chance of failure.

Here are a couple of ideas I have with this plane. First is to use a FEMA on-board starter, [link]http://www.hobby-lobby.com/fema.htm[/link]very cool I had one on my 27% Ultimate Pitts and it worked real well on a Saito 1.80. They will also work on small gassers too. Second, use a Solo adjustable prob. I have one planed for my 25% Stearman. [link]http://www.soloprops.com/Default.htm[/link]

I have looked for the approx weight of this plane, is it going to be in the 17-20 lbs range?