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I am a long time RCr, but have just begun my hand at electric.
I got a GP foamy for Christmas and just bought a Brio 10. Preparing, I bought a Triton charger and battery for the foamy. The foamy battery did not require a balance charge. I followed the recomendations for the Brio 10 and ordered everything I thought I would need. It turns out the battery I bought requires balance charging. SO, I ordered the Electrifly equinox cell balancer to go with my Triton charger. Upon receiving it, I noticed the balance plug on theThunderpower Lipo I bought for the Brio, is not the same as the balance plugs that came with the balancer. So finally here is my question. Is this hobby so specialized I need to get a Thunderpower charger for Thunderpower batteries and can only charge Electrifly lipos with the balancer I have? Can I get an adaptor to use the Trtion charger and balancer to charge the TP lipos? Or will the balancer only work with Electrifly lipos?
I have a lot to learn, but I'm trying.

Thank you.