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ORIGINAL: David_McGinnis

I am trying to get my Castle Link to work. I have installed the app on my XP SP2 PC. I start the app and can click on any button. But when I connect the Phoenix 10 ESC the app freezes and I can click on nothing. I can't even close the app. I can do anything else on the PC just not make the app work
Have you tried to hook up the controller to see it it works in normal mode (default mode)? If it works then it sounds like a software issue. I would delete the software, got back to the castle creations website and reload the software.

Here is the link:

The current version is Castlelink Version 2.22

If this doesn't work, you might possibly have a problem with the speed control. It would be nice to be able to try another controller on your system first. If you can't or this doesn't work, its time to call Castle Creations. The number is 913-390-6939