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Default RE: Genesis alloy Clutch Engagment?

The new era ones had short and long setscrews and maybe 3 places to set them. They were very small (maybe 1.5mm or less) and the holes were positioned to put the weight closer or farther to the center. You will have to pull the motor to move the setscrews around for adjustment and do not forget to lock tite because if it works its way out it will end up in the bell housing.
And to be totally accurate and honest, I ran about 2 tanks with the small screws in close, then changed to the long screws on the ends (heaviest). There was noticeable wear after the first two tanks so to be fair I should get another new set and try them with the long/heavy setup. I dont think I got more than 6 tanks to the set (should have quit at four and saved my bell housing). It was hard to evaluate as they only lasted a day. Hope this helps.