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Default RE: RCM what's up?

Hi Bill,
I called RCM just now to find out. The nice lady on the phone told me that they are not producing any magazines until the sale of the business is complete. The plans department is fully operational. That is all I was sble to find out.

Shame really, RCM was a great magazine. I do miss it! Hopefully the new owners have the fortitude to bring the magazine back to us modelers and not just cater to the E crowd and ARF flyers. That is the biggest gripe I have heard about todays mags.
How about it RCM? Will you fill our void? A lot of modelers want to read about building kits and scratch build projects.
Articles on how to build better models would be great. We need honest reviews of new products, not reviews that just put in a good word for everything they test! There is a great opportunity here for someone to step up to the plate and put out a great magazine.