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Default RE: Which Titebond do you use.

I have used Titebond for 30 years in wood working starting with the original formula. When Titebond II came out the selling point was a faster "tack time". II seems to set up faster so clamps can be removed sooner than with the original formula. III as stated above is about the same as II, just mo waterproof.
As for airplane use, I generally use II for most applications, except jobs like fuse sides, or wing sheeting. On those I use Titebond I (original formula) because I have longer to spread glue on all the surfaces. In the summer time II will tend to setup slightly and not flow out well in the joints. I have not noticed any significant difference in strength between the 3 types, however the orginal formula tends to sand better when used with balsa, on harder woods it makes no difference.