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Default RE: Stock Zen G-26M with a WT-275 big bor carb

ORIGINAL: Slow Motion

Two of the very best JT. Couldn't agree more.

Believe It, If that's how Butch feels about breaking in NEW engs. ( on reg. 2 stroke oil ), then he's not alone. Some feel the ring takes a better " seat " that way. Many more feel there is no difference for breakin. But let's be fair, I'm sure he too, runs full synthetic for everyday testing and racing.

actually no. I ran amsoil dominator and he wasnt too fond of it. Told me if i wanted to switch after getting a gallon through the motor that'd be fine... BUT, i highly doubt he uses synthetic for everyday running and testing since he only runs and advises to run quicksilver. From what he told me, he has done lots and lots of dyno testing and quicksilver was the best. But hey, everyone says X is the best.