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Default RE: 9 CAP vs 9 VAP

The 9VAP is an antique. Futaba does not support them anymore. If it were to break, that's it...You are buying a new radio.
Your 9CAP is a more capable than the old 9V was...There were 2 things the 9V could do that a 9C can't. first, you could buy an optional tach that plugged into the Tx and read out was on the screen. second, you could adjust the angle of each stick.
The 9c has twice the programming features of the 9V. For helicopter programming the 9C is fantastic. CCPM had not even been invented when the 9V was being produced! It only has very basic helicopter functions.
The 9V was a great radio in it's day. But, it is so old that it had mechanical sliders for trim and pots in the radio for sub-trims... Whoever is telling you the 9V is superior to the 9C is wrong... I mean geez! It's from like 1990!!!