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Default RE: 9 CAP vs 9 VAP

I've owned my 9V since new and has never failed me. Something about "mechanical sliders" that turn me on. Something about mechanical pots that turn me on and the tach?
it's built in. there is a little sensor on the side of the radio

I use my direct servo connect all the time (check operation without transmitting)

This radio is still a marvel of technology IMHO. It's one reason why just the transmitters collect more than $150 on the used market

It's heavy, it feels solid, has 4 model memory with all the features a rc plane pilot would ever want, again IMO

I'm not familier with the 9C so I cant compare but dont count out the 9V simply because it's not plastic and new.


side note:
I would say that a '63 vette is superior to a '07 vette... but that's just me