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Default RE: 9 CAP vs 9 VAP

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My ideal Vette would be a 67 body, perfectly grafted to an 07 chassis and drivetrain, 1000+ HP with a big old rumbling exhaust, and without the black box!

You sir are my new best friend [8D]

Back in the day, if you look at some of the older Futaba higher end radios, they are all heavy, boxy and of quality construction. The heavy aluminum "coating" LOL doesnt come off when fuel vapor drifts by [X(] *kidding of course*

I think the new radios with thier plastic bodies and sleek designs crammed packed with electronics and gadgets fit a large market and are well received by most new flyers.

What I like about the "old" trims are that I can see at a glance where they are, I can touch them as a refferance to how my trim is, and it's mechanical... just one less thing to worry about.
in agreement with you I have "bumped" my trims many times, usually throttle for some reason so you have a score there.

I'm not sure of the programming aspect but will probably agree with you that newer radios will, by default, have superior programming as far as software and such. I just like to "feel" what I am doing sometimes - ya know?

I lost my 9VAP in a move and I went into a panic for months. really - this radio has become a part of my existance and I just knew I would have to "progress" into the new technology and buy a new computer radio. I'm really not sure why either - I dont fly Heli's and I usually don't use more than 5-6 channels and rarely use mixing. I do use dual rates, model memory and like the trim pots . It's just an old comfortable brother, we've been through a lot in the last 15 or so years, fires (yes it caught fire when I charged it with black wire disease and survived), fuel dumpings, drops and banges, I even found it under my kids bed once covered in cheese powder from cheezetts and koolaid [:@]

oh, by the way - the wife found it in it's case stuck in the eves of the house, how it got there I'll never know.

I know, someday I'll have to bury my blanket and move on but untill then... go fast and turn left!