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Default RE: Fliton AJ Extra

Glad to hear it, Edson ! I don't think you could come out w/anything better flying than the Andrew Jesky 330 ... I am amazed at its abilities and the most rock solid plane I have EVER flown in nearly 50 years !

BTW , TD, I flew it w/only one Thunder Power 2070 and it flew perfect - and for nearly 15 min. ! Only thing to watch out for is that it drops suddenly in slow landing so need to keep speed up a bit.

I would like you guys at Fliton to come out w/some more light - large wingspan planes like AJ 330 - such a great combination!

BTW I changed from 13/8 to 13/4 and it flew much better - slower and more power for 3D moves I am just beginning to learn.

I still give plane 99 out of 100 after around 8 flights.

I've always been a giant scaler and recently getting into large gassers but I'll tell you I 'm having a LOT of fun w/the electrics and a LOT less stress when I only have $500 in air instead of $2500 ! I think I am loving these electrics a lot more than I thought I would - they are terrific and the electronics batteries and motors are nothing short of amazing technology.