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Default RE: How Hard Is It 2 Recover ??

Recovering is very doable. I just finished recovering a Cermark Javelin II. Assuming that you have some form of CA hinges on the control surfaces, you'll need to cut these so that the surfaces can be removed allowing each piece to be covered separately.

Rehinging can be a bit tricky because the "good" hinge locations were most likely used when the plane was originally built. Since you can't (easily, anyway) put new CA hinges at the some location as the original ones, you may find that the available new locations don't provide full support for the control surfaces. My solution was to use (Robart) hinge points where the original CA hinges were located. Drilling the holes for these using a standard "twist" bit doesn't work as the bit will be pushed off center by the embedded old CA hinge. Instead, I used a sharpened brass tube of the correct diameter as a drill bit, and held it in place with a well anchored guide. It worked like a dream, and the rehinged surfaces were perfectly aligned.

The second tip that I can offer is to use a heat gun to soften the glue for any covering that is not easily pulled off.

Otherwise, do a search and you'll find lot's of good information on how the recover.