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Default RE: Really want to go fast??

Thanks for that air valve info Dave...I've been thinking about a Zoomer and either a K&B 6.5, ST X40, or the ^ [8D]

I'm not concerned about taming it down...don't want to do that...just perhaps give myself a lap or so around the field at reduced power (let's say about half?) to get set-up for the approach before cutting it.

We fly from an 800' X 100' grass strip...so landing area is adequate (?) but not abundant. The approaches at both ends are clear, and open so ya don't have to worry about trees (not much anyway) but there is tall grass at each end of the runway, and I was thinking that it sure would be nice to have a lap or two around the field to get 'er slowed down some before committing to a dead stick landing.

Edit: O.K. guys...go ahead and tell me I'm putting training wheels on a Harley or sumpthing like that

The other half of me just sez "let 'er rip" WFO and go for it...but the thought of over-shooting and sailing through that tall grass at the end like a scythe (sickle?) does not appeal to me.

Like I said earlier though, it's a reversable change, so it would then theoretically be possable to get used to the engine's operating characteristics (while using the air valve ) and the airplanes handling characteristics before going to the straight venturi.