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Default RE: Really want to go fast??


There is at least one q40 competitor that uses the airvalve in competition and says that there is no difference in performance. I believe he shaped the airvalve in more of a cone like shape, similar to a venturi. As long as you don't make the hole over 9mm, it is still legal in Q40.

His RCU name is DHG, you can look him up.
Yep, it works great. The "idle" is actually a very rich half-throttle setting, but it will come back up. That's handy for flight trimming, or keeping the engine cool on the runway before launch ... or let's say you're racing at the Nats and your caller tells you "up & out" because you've double-cut, but then he realizes he was watching the wrong light and you dive back in to grab a 2nd place instead of a zero. That's sweet.

I think I know who those two sellers on ebay right now are, and if it's who I'm thinking of, you have nothing to worry about. $170 is a steal. Imagine if you looked through the local want ads and found a nearly new Ferrari for $2,000. Yes, you could buy two used Ford Mavericks for the same price, but why?