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Default RE: Mode I or mode II

As far as I'm concerned the only draw back to flying Mode One (in the states anyway) is your radio needs to be sent to the factory for conversion to Mode One when you buy it. There are no advantages to flying one over the other. The best pilots in the world fly both ways. People will tell you Mode Two is more realistic. Today, real airplanes mostly all fly with a yoke, so if your the pilot (in the left seat) roll and pitch are controlled with the left hand (Sorry righty, your going to have to forget your dominant hand thing) and power is controlled with the right. This is not like either Mode One or Two.

It boils down to who is going to teach your son how to fly! With you flying Mode One, why should your son fly Mode two? Mode One is not bad for his health! If he looses interest, you have equipment you can use. If he stays interested, he can choose if he wants to change, or the world has just gained another ambidextrous Mode One flyer! Yeah!!!!

For more, type in Mode One flyers Unit, in a search here on R/CU for additional opinions.