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Default RE: where is heng long website??

I know that this is an old post, but I wanted to set the record straight.

Heng Long's website is:

It's not updated with the new Pz III, but does show enough of their product line to see that RC tanks are a small part of their overall business. That's part of the reason why they aren't too nterested in retooling Tiger 1 manlets or other incorrectly designed components that seem to always get mentioned in other postings here on RCU. Don't get me wrong, HL has done a great service to offering affordable RC tanks to a growing hobby, but they won't ever try to be a Tamiya or Trumpeter when it comes to historical accuracy.

Regarding what was posted earlier as HL's website, Wellsold is just one of many trading companies who pretend to be the manufacturer. Same goes for Mato, although they do manufacture other items of their own under their Mattoro brand.

Neville, a funny thing I discovered after seeing Wellsold's website: if you search for tanks, you'll see that they are using a photo that I took last October of Heng Long's preproduction Pz III sample. That is the sample I purchased sitting on MY desk with MY Mac Mini & power adaptor in the background. I assume they pulled that from THQ's site without asking anyone for permission. Apparently if these guys can't even post their own photos, I would highly suspect them to be a viable manufacturer for what they claim to produce / sell.