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Default RE: SR71 blackbird

You have to tell us a bit more about what you expect from this model. For everyone performance can feel diffrent.

What did this motor lack? Is it speed? Maneuverability? Not enough power for takeoff?

Changing a motor is a good idea but first I would try to find out what the .46 can handle in terms of switching prop size.

As far as your electric question, a 4130-7 with a 8S 4000mAh pack and a 10size prop will get that Jet moving, nice and quiet as they were meant to fly

This may be a little too powerfull but then again Jets are meant to go fast.

If this model is in 5lb range the TowerPro 3520-7 motor with a 5S 4000mAh would also work great.
this model is very nice but the seller fails to mention the weight, can you tell us what it is? Engine and all.

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