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Default RE: where is heng long website??


Learned something New I didn't know HL had a sherman....Hmmm
It's offered only in 1/30 scale. 1/16 offering includes the Tiger I, Panther (PanTiger) , Pershing (Snow Leopard) [:-], Bulldog & PzKw III. Nothing else is confirmed for release at this time.

Mattoro makes the Sturmtiger & will release this year their new King Tiger. WSN has the T-34 & sometime this year, a Tiger 1 & KT. Rumors are they will also release an IR series.

Rumors are swirling on aftermarket parts for the Pz III & other models to be released. Will probably make for an interesting year & this is only on the low end of the market.

As the folks in TV land say.... stay tuned. This is China afterall & things tend to change overnight.