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Default RE: Battery age or number of cycles

You could just leave it on a really low trickle all the time. I have a friend who does that. He's got a trickle charger that only puts out 15mah. He just leaves them plugged in all the time. It's worked for about 6yrs now. He might have replaced the batteries once, I think.

As for how many cycles are in a pack--I don't know.

I replace the batteries and switches in my GS gas planes every year. If they are cycling good, I'll stick them in a sport plane for another season. I don't ever run a battery for more than 2 seasons. It costs me about $100--$120 per plane to replace 3 batteries and 3 switches. I haven't crashed one because of a failed battery--not yet. (knock on wood) Is it overkill? Yeah. But, it's cheap insurance on a $2500-$3000 plane.