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Default RE: ESC poltergeist?

ORIGINAL: jdetray

To safely and completely remove power to an electric aircraft, you need to interrupt the connection between the battery and the ESC. Whatever device you use to make and break that connection must carry the full current of the power system. For today's high powered systems, a switch would have to be a pretty large one, plus it introduces another failure point and more weight.

- Jeff
The switch only has to CARRY the maximum current required by the system, not actually SWITCH currents at this level - unless you try to shut the plane off when running at full throttle. A DPST switch rated at 5 amps is more than adequate in applications where you are using a 40 amp ESC. Wire both poles in parallel. These switches come an a fairly small format, measureing less than 1/2 inch cube, including solder terminals and mounting through a 1/4" diameter hole.

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